Sunday, March 02, 2008

New Seminar! Get SMART About Training with Kathy Sdao

We are happy to announce another Dogs of Course seminar in April! Kathy Sdao marks her 5th annual speaking engagement in New England with this two-day seminar at Gemini Dogs April 26-27. Visit the Dogs of Course website for complete details.

Get SMART About Training
with Kathy Sdao, MA CAAB
April 26-27, 2008 at Gemini Dogs

Many dog trainers have made efforts to increase their use of positive reinforcement while minimizing their use of painful or anxiety- provoking punishments. When we opt to avoid using "sticks" to motivate our dogs, we must make a commitment to become SMART about the use of "carrots" – positive reinforcers.

The acronym SMART stands for "See, Mark and Reward Training"; it summarizes the fundamental sequence of behaviors a trainer performs when using reinforcement effectively. Are you maximizing the power of positive reinforcement or just scratching the surface?

Join Kathy Sdao for this all new seminar that will improve your skills and effectiveness using positive reinforcement. Continuing Education Credits for CPDTs and IAABC.

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