Friday, December 12, 2008

We're Open During the Ice Storm: Come On Down!

Yes, we are still open for boarding and daycare dogs in this nasty ice storm! Our power is back on, and we have staff here 24/7. We have received word from a lot of you that your homes do not have power and some people are heading to friends' homes or to hotels.

We are accepting unexpected guests (call first if you can), assuming that your dog is up-to-date with his medical records on file here; so come on down! Your pooch is the next contestant on the Spot is right!

You can reach us at 978-486-9922. And just in case the land line phones go out, you can reach Gemini's owner, Michelle, at 978-387-3663. Be safe out there!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gemini Dogs Fosters Two Pomeranians in Need of Home

A few weeks ago, a man came into our office with two Pomeranians, and surrendered them to us, saying that he was no longer able to care for them. Now, we are NOT a shelter, and we do not make it a habit to take in stray dogs. However, when faced with the possibilities of what someone might do with their dogs if we don't help them, I would rather take the dogs and know that they get to the right place rather than finding out later that they were almost killed crossing the street after they were "set free" to make their own way. I've actually seen that happen with a shepherd mix out on 495, and it's actually why I am now here at Gemini and not still working in a software company! But that's another story. Anyway...
They came with the names Den and Stinky, but we have since re-named them Oreo and Buttercup. We originally planned to take them to an animal shelter that same day, but in conversation, we found some people that wanted to come down and have a look at them, so we kept the dogs here and while we waited for those and other people to get back to us, and as one day led to the next...well, they're still here!
Oreo is a black male with white around his chin, and he is missing some upper teeth, which makes his tongue stick out a little - we find this quite adorable! He's a bit of a couch potato, is a little hesitant when he is approached by someone new, but ultimately enjoys being held and cuddled. We were told that Oreo was the same age as his sister, but the vet believes him to be more like 6-8 years old.
Buttercup is a sable-colored female, who has a bit more spunk than her brother, she's playful and happy, but she can also be a cuddly bear like Oreo. She is about 4 years old.
Both dogs arrived with some crazy shaved-all-different-lengths-fur, which our groomer, Ashley, tried to smooth out a bit for them. So although they don't look so much like Poms at the moment, they will get fluffier as the hair grows back!
We took the dogs to our vet of choice, Littleton Animal Hospital, who examined them and administered their vaccines, as they did not come to us with any medical records. Both dogs are unaltered, so they would need to be fixed once they are adopted. Oreo has some dental issues, which may require that some teeth be extracted, but otherwise both dogs are in good health, with no major (or minor) issues.

They have been introduced to other dogs in our daycare, and are slowly making friends. We haven't seen any behavior that would concern us regarding their temperment; no aggression, no resource guarding, no excessive barking, etc.
We did find someone who is very interested in the female, Buttercup. But we really want to find them a forever home where they can be together. Or at the very least, we want to adopt them out at the same time to different homes, and put those two owners in touch. It would break my heart to send Buttercup to a new home, and leave Oreo here alone waiting for someone to take him if you know of someone who might want to adopt both of them or even just Oreo, please send them our way!
To come down and see them, just give us a call at 978-486-9922. They are boarding with us and participating in daycare so they are here 24/7 with a staff member. We are open to visitors 6:00am-7:00pm, and until 10:00pm by appointment.
We are also putting together a little fund for Oreo's teeth. We know that he's going to need some dental work, and we figured if we can raise the money to get some of his dental work done before he is adopted, it might help him to find a home. (Or at least we can pay for part of his dental bill if he gets adopted before we raise all the money.) Donations will be deposited into the Gemini Dogs Disaster Animal Response Team account, so that we can keep the funds aside. We will be taking donations by cash or by check made out to "Gemini Dogs DART" at 53-B Ayer Road, Littleton, MA 01460. You may drop off a donation at our daycare/boarding/grooming entrance; just label the donation envelope with Oreo's name. And say hello to Oreo and Buttercup while you're here!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Teardrops for Sophie

Sophie Noroian

Way back when we first opened in Littleton, many moons ago, Sophie started attending daycare at Gemini Dogs. She has been a Gemini Dog for longer than any other dog in daycare!
You may remember seeing Sophie in the daycare office when dropping off your dog for daycare; she had a stroke a while back and was considered a "special needs" dog by our staff, who rewarded her with her very own place to hang out in the daycare office while she was here for daycare.
Sophie was a sweet and loving dog with a wonderful owner who loved her very, very much. Even when Sophie wasn't feeling well, she always tried to get up so she could nuzzle and lick you when you went to pet her.
Sophie's name has been added to our "All Dogs Go to Heaven" wall, where she received her own cloud and we will think of her fondly each time we pass by that wall. Sophie earned a special place in all of our hearts and we will miss her dearly.
We were so blessed to have the opportunity to care for Sophie in her last days, and to have the chance to make a difference in her life. We miss you, Sophie! And we love you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Free Day of Doggie Daycare for Veterans

We are offering a free day of doggie daycare on Tuesday for any member of the U.S. Military!

If you or a member of your immediate family is on Active Duty, Retired, or in the National Guard, just sign in at the counter when you drop off your dog...and thank you for your service to our country!

Please note that attendance in doggie daycare requires pre-registration.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Pretty Pumpkin

Here is D'Artagnan Montanari from Littleton.
Aw, isn't Dart just the cutest little pumpkin ever? Have you got a pumpkin, too? Send yours in and we'll post your pup's photo too!

Bella as the infamous outlaw, Belle Starr

Bella as the infamous outlaw, Belle Starr.

Bella enjoys daycare, obedience training, and agility classes at Gemini Dogs.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Search & Rescue/Detection Dogs Visit Gemini Dogs

Over the past three days, Gemini Dogs has been host to a seminar for active Search & Rescue Dogs and Detection Dogs. Members of area police forces and Search and Rescue (SAR) teams came together to work on furthering their dogs skills in scent detection during the three-day workshop.
Some of the attendees were from an organization named MARK9, whose Search Dog Teams provide services to Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire/Rescue Agencies free of charge and statewide upon request, to assist in locating lost persons due to a multitude of situations. MARK9 searches for victims of crimes or evidence of a crime, and can also search for victims of fires.

Other attendees brought dogs from some of the New Hampshire Police Departments who search for drugs or narcotics, bombs, or participate in criminal pursuits.
For further information about making a donation to assist MARK9 in its volunteer efforts, please call: 617.775.7968 or email

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Treats for Faith!

Good news for another Gemini Dogs pooch!

I have to brag a little - Faith just got her first Level 3 Rally-O leg and did it in her first Level 3 Class!!

It wasn't anywhere near perfect (189), but she got the job done and had moments that were terrific (and some moments that were less terrific - but adequate).

- Laurel and Faith the Mala-munchkin

Friday, September 19, 2008

CGC Test on Oct. 2 at 7 PM

Does your dog have what it takes to be called a Canine Good Citizen? Take the test and find out! Go here for info on the CGC test and to register.

  • CGC Test at Gemini Dogs
  • Oct. 2, 7PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Summer run-thrus are over. Will restart soon indoors.

Outdoor run-thrus are on hold as we prepare to move indoors. They will re-start indoors in the next few weeks. Watch for more info or send us an email so that we can notify you when they start up again!

Hope you had fun running around outside this summer!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Congrats, Penny!

Gemini Dogs agility student, Sarah Power, wrote us with some good news!

Penny earned her TBAD (teacup beginner agility dog) title this weekend, 3 Qs in standard!! She also got 2 Qs in games, needs one more for TG1 (teacup games 1). Not bad for her first teacup trial!!

Sarah Power

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Treats for us!

We recently received this great note from Kristen, mom of boarder and new daycare dog, Calvin. Thank you!

By the way, we LOVE Gemini Dogs. Calvin, our Weimaraner puppy, is always so excited to be there and clearly has a great time - and he's a dog who usually loves his humans and being at home! So thanks for your excellent facility and staff!! We just started daycare this week and clearly he's having fun.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Free pet safety pack from the ASPCA

Help keep your pets safe with a free pet safety pack from the ASPCA!

In the event of an emergency, our pet rescue window decal alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. The safety pack also includes an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet—a great way to keep the APCC's toll-free emergency number and website address handy in case your pets get into something they shouldn’t!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Videos from Saturday

Check out some of our Gemini Dogs agility students strutting their stuff at the trial.

Eric and Heidi

Rebecca and Clyde

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The rest of the Saturday photos

Here you go: All Saturday photos.

Agility Trial pix from Saturday

Here are a few photos from Saturday's action. Lots more will be posted, so check back again.

Team Stout takes a well-deserved rest!

Clyde gets ready to run


Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 2 is done!

Day 2 is in the books and I think Heidi and her Dad Eric sum up how we all feel this morning! Thanks for a great weekend everybody!

More photos and videos later in the week.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 1 is in the books!

We had a great day today. Warm, sunny, and lots of fun! More photos and news later -- it's time for some well-deserved sleep! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exhibitor catalogs available

Help us save some paper and print a copy for yourself. Thanks!

Volunteer assignments will be posted Friday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More agility trial info


  • Go here for directions.
  • Please note that the trial site is on the opposite side of the building from where our main offices are located. The directions above will get you to our offices, then just follow the signs around the stockade fence, to the other side of the building, where you will find the agility field.
  • Friday afternoon set-up is available at 3:00pm for anyone who wishes to set up early. Please conserve space and stake out only what you need. Thank you!

  • 7:00 AM - Check-In & Measuring
  • 7:30 AM - Welcome & Announcements
  • 7:45 AM - Judge's Walk-Through (All dogs without a permanent card must be measured by a judge prior to the walk-through.)

Running Order (small to big):
  1. Fullhouse 12345C
  2. Standard 1
  3. Standard 2
  4. Standard 3
  5. Standard 45C
  6. Wildcard 12
  7. Wildcard 345C
  8. Snooker 12
  9. Snooker 345C

  • 7:00 AM - Check-In & Measuring
  • 7:30 AM - Welcome & Announcements
  • 7:45 AM - Judge's Walk-Through (All dogs without a permanent card must be measured by a judge prior to the walk-through.)

Running Order (big to small):
  1. Jackpot 12345C
  2. Standard 45C
  3. Standard 23
  4. Standard 1
  5. Colors 345C
  6. Colors 21
  7. Jumpers 345C
  8. Jumpers 21

Day-Of Move-Ups & Running Order Changes
  • Move-Ups will be permitted on the day of the show; please make every effort to make these changes as soon as possible.
  • Move-up request forms will be available at the registration/awards table.
  • Bring the completed form to the scoring table.
  • To request a change to the running order (for example, if you are running two dogs and they are scheduled to run too close together), please do so before the start of the class, if at all possible. To request a change, see a representative at the scoring table.
  • Please do not approach the gate steward for changes (even just changes to the running order). All changes must be made by the scoring table. Otherwise, the scoring sheets get out of order. Thanks!

Refreshments and Meals
  • We will have a food vendor on site this year (it's Valori Duff's daughter!)
  • Snacks and water will be available for volunteers at the registration/awards table
  • Water and swimming pools will be available for the pooches

Potty Areas
  • We have doubled the number of porta-potties on site this year! They will be located further from the ring, along the road.
  • Walking area away from the ring please; poop bags will be available at the awards table. Look for 5-gallon buckets to place the poop in once you bag it.

Overnight Parking & Security
  • Overnight parking is permitted at the trial site at your own risk.
  • Tents and crates may also be left overnight at your own risk.
  • We do ask the local police to perform extra patrols through the area throughout the trial weekend.

  • Volunteer raffle prizes will be drawn for periodically. Be sure to put your worker tickets in the bins as soon as possible (with your name on the back of the ticket).
  • Volunteer assignments will be posted at the registration/awards table for the entire day. Please verify your assignments, and if you are available to pick up an assignment, please check there and fill in your name in any empty slots (additional raffle tickets will be available for you there should you choose to take on extra assignments).
  • Please refer to the volunteer job list for reference. This description will be posted at the trial site in multiple locations. If you have never volunteered with us before, e-mail Michelle to get one ahead of time.
  • Please read the descriptions even if you know the job; we tell you where to find things and where to put things in the description as well, so that you know your job ahead of time!

Other Notes
  • Is it possible that you might earn your C-ATCH or C-ATE or another special title? Let us know! And feel free to tattle on your friend in case they don't want to tell us! We won't tell anyone, we just want to be sure that we have the right stuff for your possible celebration!
  • We will have bug spray and sunscreen available at the registration/awards table, along with a first aid kit, and a map and directions to local stores, pharmacies, WalMart, etc. Consider the registration/awards table as a concierge table. Any questions...just ask! We will find out for you!
Any problems, questions, etc. please call Michelle Borelli at (978) 387-3663 cell or (978) 486-9922 office. She will be sleeping on site, just around the corner in the kennel at Gemini Dogs both Friday and Saturday night from 10:00pm-6:00am, and will be at the trial site shortly after 6:00 AM each day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Go for the gold! Agility trial this weekend.

Do you have Olympic fever? Then put on your running shoes and head on over to watch this weekend's doggie agility action! Stop by Saturday and Sunday between 8 and 4 to watch New England's best compete in our annual summer CPE agility trial.

Rain or shine. Free!

Schedule and more info to be posted soon.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm a Gemini Dog!

Here are a few boarding dogs from last week early on a rainy Tuesday morning.

Derek and his new girlfriend, Bella

Salty and Chrissy ask, "Aren't we the cutest pups ever?"

Comet is all smiles this morning!

Augie says, "Rain again? I'd rather be sleeping!"

Lasher is ready for breakfast!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Help Wanted


We are looking for very mature, responsible, and friendly clean freaks to work in our busy doggie daycare. FT/PT daytime and evening staff needed.

  • Monday-Friday daytime: Administrative and cleaning duties, as well as hands-on dog handling.
  • Evening and weekend: Hands-on care and feeding of dogs, supervising playgroups, and general cleaning duties.
You must be physically fit because you will be doing a lot of cleaning, light lifting, bending, and getting down and dirty. You will not be simply playing with dogs all day. Basic math skills, great customer service, an outgoing personality, and a willingness to work in a busy team environment is a huge bonus.

If that's you and you are over 18 years old, send us an email.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a Gemini Dog!

A few shots from this morning before the rain hit!


Bella and Zero


The Little Dogs!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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This month's topics include an agility trial update, a new service for expectant Moms and Dads, a new Saturday agility class, and the next CGC/Therapy Dog class.

Plus, there's a great coupon for 25% off all belly rubs!

Stay in touch with Gemini Dogs!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Agility trial almost full!

Wow! What a tremendous response we've had for our Aug. 23-24 trial! Thank you for your interest and support!

As of this morning, we have about 70 runs left for both days, so don't wait another minute to send in your registration!

Since most entrants are running their pooches an average of four times, that leaves about 17 more spots left for each day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm a Gemini Dog!

Here are some more boarding dogs for you to ooh and aww over! Thanks for choosing Gemini Dogs to take care of your babies!

Willoughby, Ellie, Lassie, and Sophie

Sugar and Buddy


Jenna and Madigan