Saturday, March 01, 2008

Thinking about dog agility? Take an Agility 101 workshop!

If you have been thinking about getting into dog agility but are unsure of what's involved, then come to one of our 1-hour workshops!

  • Friday nights 6-7 PM (Dates have changed due to snow storm)
  • $25 each.
  • All workshops require completion of beginner obedience (or instructor approval) as a prerequisite, but there is no age limit.
  • More info and register now

Workshop 1: Agility Try It (March 14)

Want to try agility but still working on the obedience training required? Have a puppy or young dog that's too young to start our regular agility classes? Come and see what agility is about in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Get your feet and paws wet by trying some beginner obstacles like tunnels, jumps, table, low dogwalks and A-frame. This workshop is designed to give a brief overview of agility equipment and what is involved in training you and your dog for agility.

Workshop 2: Training on the Flat (March 28)

Have you watched agility and wondered how the dogs always seem to know just where to go? How do the dogs and handlers change sides without colliding? It's not magic - it's a system of cues - like teaching sit and down. And it's all done without equipment!

If you are waiting to get into an agility class or have a dog too young yet for agility class, then this workshop is for you! Get a head start in agility and come learn all those handling cues now!

You'll learn how to turn your dogs towards you and away from you with a series of fun games using everyday items like waste baskets and chairs! Learn how to get a beautiful stay and go 10, 15, 20 feet away! Learn the secrets to how all those agility handlers get their dogs to go all the way to the bottom of those big pieces of contact equipment, the dogwalk, and A-frame. This workshop is designed to provide you with fun training games that you can practice while waiting to get into an agility class.

Workshop 3: Tricks and Agility Games (April 11)

Get a headstart on agility classes and come learn all kinds of training games designed to teach basic agility skills in a fun and fast atmosphere. These are games that benefit everyone from the backyard agility enthusiast participating for fun to the most experienced competitors.

These games and tricks are fun and easy to teach, and provide important self-control skills as well as physical conditioning necessary for dogs doing agility.

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