Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Have a Famous CGC Dog at Daycare!

"Cloudy" Mentzer passed his CGC test as well, and he's got something else to brag about!

Cloudy is featured in the 2009 Save-A-Dog calendar (he's the November dog). His mommy says, "Cloudy was my 10th foster dog. We met when he was 9 months old...I knew he was the one, the second I saw him. He was running and jumping around, just entertaining himself. This crazy behavior is now known as the Cloudy 500.

Now Cloudy is almost three. He has a beautiful white coat with funny apricot "freckles" all over him. What kind of dog is he? There is no answer to that question. He looks like spare parts and a coat of white paint.

I'm not sure if Cloudy's life philosophy is "Follow the Sun" or "Make Them Laugh!" It depends on if he is sleeping or not. By day, he moves from bed to bed, basking in the sun. When he's not sleeping, his antics would make the whole world laugh."

We are so proud of Cloudy for both of these accomplishments! Do you have a small dog that would like to meet up with Cloudy for some playtime? Send your dog to Gemini's doggie daycare, and he could end up in Cloudy's playgroup!

Casey's a Canine Good Citizen...He Wants You to Know About His Mommy, the Groomer!

Our groomer, Ashley McCoy, recently earned a CGC on her Golden, "Casey" after completing our CGC Prep Course. In fact, everyone who enrolled in that class passed the test!

Casey is pictured here relaxing in a stream.

Speaking of water, Ashley is also excited to announce that we have re-vamped our grooming services and our pricing, to make it more affordable for you, and to cover all of those little extras that you've been asking about.

We are now offering the following services:

  • Full Groom: Your dog will be pampered with a nice bath, be brushed out, and receive a haircut or a shave. This service automatically includes nail trimming and ear cleaning.

  • Bath & Brush: Your dog will receive a bath and be brushed out, and we'll trim up his feet (if needed). This service also includes nail trimming and ear cleaning.

  • Trim Up: You can now opt for just a trim of your dog's face, feet, and tail (without a bath). This service includes nail trimming and ear cleaning.
Ashley will finish each of these services off with a nice spritz of doggie cologne and spiff your dog up with a cute bandana so that he can strut his stuff to his pals!

Ashley also offers A La Carte services:
  • Brush Outs: Got shedding? Let us do the work for you! $10 for every 15 minutes.

  • Nail Trims: Ashley is happy to trim your dog's nails ($5)

  • Teethbrushing ($5)

  • Grinding nails ($5)

  • Expressing anal glands ($10).
You can indicate these additional services when you check your dog in for grooming. There will be a grooming request form available at the check-in counter, so be sure to complete the form by indicating which services you want and by listing any special instructions. All grooming arrivals and departures now occur at our doggie daycare entrance. To make an appointment, email Lisa at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And I'm a Canine Good Citizen!

"Danka" (pictured on the left) also earned her CGC last week. Congratulations, Danka!

If you would like to try your dog's skills, sign up for our next CGC Prep class on Thursdays at 7:00pm.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm a Canine Good Citizen, Too!

This is "Jack" Jones, a Standard Poodle who also earned his CGC last week. Congratulations, Jack!

Happy in Their New Home

I just wanted to send you an update on the two pomeranians that I adopted from Gemini Dogs in December. Sadie (Buttercup) is doing very well. She loves her new bed and is very loving. Sadie is happy go lucky as ever.

Bear went in to be neutered today and to get his teeth cleaned. During the procedure, the vet found that his poor jaw was fractured due to the infected teeth he had. The prognosis is good so far; they are going to put him on antibiotics and let the jaw heal on its own. He will be checked again in a few weeks. He is feeling much better now that he has gotten his teeth taken care of. He is not skittish anymore and is very loving and playful.

Hope all is well at the Daycare. Thank you again for my little furbabies! -Nadire Ramadan

Friday, March 06, 2009

Hooray! I'm a Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

Our most recent Canine Good Citizen Prep Class participants shared a 100% success rate during a CGC test held at Gemini Dogs last night! Congratulations to:

  • "Ranger" Grinstead, Coon Hound
  • "Jack" Jones, Standard Poodle
  • "Casey" McCoy, Golden Retreiver
  • "Cloudy" Mentzer, Basset Mix
In addition to the prep class participants, four other dogs including "Bridget" (pictured here) passed the test with flying colors, including:

"Fremont" Frattallone, Cocker Spaniel
"Bridget" Lessley, Whippet
"Lucy" Specht, Lab Mix
"Danka" Tousignant, German Shepherd

We hope to see your dog in our next CGC Prep Class, or for the test that follows in week six! If you would like to sign up for the class or the test, please email us! The cost of the CGC Test is $15, or it's free for class participants.

And thanks to Jean, Jan, Cindy and Penny for their help with the test!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Note from Shiba's Daddy...It's a Boy!

We have acquired another dog: a Maltese puppy, that we've named "Snow." It seems that Shiba and Snow have quickly become best buddies, playing together with total abandon. The two dogs hit it off so well, and are getting plenty of exercise together...My retirement has provided me with the time (and energy) to provide our dogs with the attention that they need and deserve.

We want to thank you and your wonderful staff for taking such GREAT care of Shiba over the past three years. He loved the many human and canine connections that Gemini provided during Doggie Day Care sessions, and we truly appreciated all of the little things that your people did for Shiba. He's a wonderful member of our family and Gemini certainly helped to mold his incredible disposition.

Personally, I/we will miss Marie and Derek. They were so good to/with Shiba! The two of them are so good with all of the dogs and are excellent representatives for Gemini.

We wish you the very best and will continue to recommend Gemini to all of our dog-loving friends!

Take care,
Dave & Catherine Dubinsky

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New England Agility Dogs Take 17 of the Top 30 Spots Nationally!

This past weekend, instructor Denielle Stasa was in Derry, NH and all but 2 of the New England dogs that landed in the Top 10 Agility Dogs in Canine Performance Events (CPE) for 2008 nationally were there. They managed to take a picture with all of the people, dogs, and plaques. To check out the photo, click here.

Out of 30 spots nationally (ten spots, 3 divisions), New England dogs took 17 of them! We're very proud....Thanks to Denielle for sending us that link! And wow, check out all the letters after her dogs' names below...that's impressive!

C-ATCH3 Ivy Top 10 Enthusiast 2008, TExSN, TExJU, TExFH, ChSN, ChJU, ChFH, ChWC, ChST, ChCL, ChJP, NAJ, NJP, PK2, PG1, PJ1, SSA, SS, NJC, NGC, HSCs, PT

Jury ChSN, ChJU, ChFH, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CL3-R, PG1, PJ1, PT

Nico OA, OAJ - my best friend, waiting at the bridge