Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Agility Run-Thrus on Wednesday Nights

We're starting up again! Starting January 14th...Indoor agility run-thrus are being offered starting at 6:00pm. Courses will be nested for novice and advanced levels. Cost is $10 per dog for as many runs as you'd like. We sign up dogs in order of attendance and by jump height order and let everyone go through the course once, then restart the list and have you all go again, then just keep going till you're done for the night!
We do prefer that you pre-register for run-thrus, so if you are interested in attending at some point, just go to to complete a short registration form.

Run-thrus are limited to experienced agility class handlers with prior knowledge of equipment please; this means that your dog has been enrolled in multiple sessions of agility class and can perform all of the basic obstacles in a series. If your dog attends classes with us, you should be in Intermediate Agility. Just ask your instructor if your dog is ready!