Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dogs Rule

Ah ha! I finally got my paws on this thing the humans call a smart phone. What's so smart about it, anyway? Can it Sit and Down on command like I can? Can it roll over and crawl like Rambo? Can it...wait a minute...oh, look what I found! A link to mommy's Dog Blog. Well, I say it ain't a dog blog unless the blogger is a dog! Ha ha. I will soon rule the doggie world with this thing. I will communicate daily with you other dogs out there, and when my paws get tired, I'll have one of my pals post for me. There are lots of us here. Tell your humans to bring you to Gemini Dogs for doggie daycare! We'll talk more when you get here. And who knows, maybe I'll let you type next time...

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