Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Great News from Marjorie and Lily!

"Lily and I completed our CPE C-ATE (CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire) championship last Saturday at the SCAT trial in Connecticut! 5000 points at level C was a long road and certainly not something I ever thought I'd achieve way back when I started agility "just for fun" and said "Oh, I'm not going to compete."

Not bad for the girl who always got picked last in gym class and can barely stay upright on course, and a castoff Southern puppy plucked from certain death at a shelter in North Carolina by the Sudbury, MA rescue group Save a Dog (thank you Shirley)!

Finishing the C-ATE was a great follow-up to Lily's 2009 achievements: Number 8 Top Scoring Regular/Vet in CPE 2009 Top Ten and 6th place in the Games category for her height class at 2009 CPE Nationals. I am super proud of my girl!

Thanks to all for your support and encouragement, and especially thanks to Lily for loving to play agility with me and for putting up with my handling! I hope that Lily and I will see you soon and you will join us in celebrating. Cheers!"

Marjorie Otterson and C-ATE Lily Top Ten 2009, ExST, ExCL, ExJU, ExWC, ExSN, ExFH, PK1, PJ1, CGC

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