Friday, March 19, 2010

Goodbye Seamus...

We just received a note from Kate, Seamus Ricca's mommy. Seamus passed away at 10:30am this morning. He had mast cell cancer and had undergone two surgeries, but the cancer came back and they were told last Thursday that they only had a short time left with him.

He would have been six at the end of May, but the family decided to start his birthday celebration last night; Seamus had steak and ice cream, cuddled with his mom and dad under the stars overnight, took a walk in the woods, and laid his head down in mommy's lap, with daddy rubbing his back, ate some biscuits, and passed away in their arms.

As Kate said in her note, "Seamus was a great dog and will be missed so much, but the memories of him are just wonderful."

Now, go give your dog a kiss and tell him that you love him...goodbye Seamus...we love you!

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