Monday, September 27, 2010


Have a look at that photo of Amos; if you see a dog that looks like that, it might be Turkey, a lost dog who really needs to get back home! Below is a note from him:

"I am new to this area and managed to get lost in Harvard on Thursday morning (9/23/10). My name is Turkey but I am shy and may be too frightened to respond to it. I am a 2 year old recently neutered male Bernese Mountain Dog, black, rust and white, weigh 104lbs and am about 2 1/2 ft tall . I have no white on my fore-legs and only a little white on my tail. I have on a red collar with my rabies tag and I have been micro-chipped (still registered in Kansas which is where I just came from). My new family is really sad and would like me back. If found, please immediately call Cindy (978) 501-4964 or Denis (978) 501-4965 or our home (978) 456-3461 any time."

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  1. Nick K.2:53 PM

    A Bernese has been spotted on Boxborough Rd in Littleton,MA (Off Goldsmith St.) as of yesterday. As a bernese owner myself I took a ride over there today and went for a walk but didn't see anything. I am hoping for the best!