Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just One...

This is a fabulous video story that was just sent to us be Cheryl, Louie and Bella's forever mommy.

Please, please, take a moment now to watch this video. Though it is a bit of a tear-jerker, it is a very heartwarming story. It reminds me very much of how I got into this business to begin with. I found a dog who had been stranded on a highway (495) at 11pm at night in a snow storm and whose owner was seen kicking the dog out of a van, before he drove away. Thankfully, I was able to catch the very scared dog (who I named Highway) and find him a forever home; I did it in much the same way that this video mentions.

So when you are done watching the video, please kiss your dog for us and consider what one thing you can do today to help a dog in need...

Gemini Dogs will offer a 10% discount on dog training to anyone who adopts a shelter or rescue dog after watching this video...just let us know that you saw the video and decided to do just one thing for just one dog! (Please make sure that everyone in your family is in agreement about your new buddy before you make a lifelong commitment to care for him...) This is our one thing...let's see how many lives we can impact by posting this link.


  1. Michelle - I think your "just one thing" is an absolutely wonderful way to pay if forward!!! What if everyone who reads this blog and sees this video does "just one thing"...think about the impact and the number of dogs we can help!!

    And it doesn't have to be anything dramatic. I've got my hands full with my own canine crew at the moment so really can't take anyone new on right now. But I do that "free kibble" thing for shelters on a couple of websites and last weekend I participated in a transport of a group of former shelter dogs from the south up to their various new "forever homes". It was just a few hours out of my day but when I got the pictures later that evening of the dog I transported settling into her new life, I knew it was all worthwhile.

    So, what can you do? Make a contribution? Volunteer some time? Click on a free kibble website? Adopt or foster a dog that needs a home?Or, as in the video, simply forward on an email? It doesn't really matter what we do...just that we do something.

    One dog at a time....we can make a difference!!

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Your right, what a tear jerker with a happy ending! Stanley is adorable and I am so happy he is getting a second chance.

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.