Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New England Agility Dogs Take 17 of the Top 30 Spots Nationally!

This past weekend, instructor Denielle Stasa was in Derry, NH and all but 2 of the New England dogs that landed in the Top 10 Agility Dogs in Canine Performance Events (CPE) for 2008 nationally were there. They managed to take a picture with all of the people, dogs, and plaques. To check out the photo, click here.

Out of 30 spots nationally (ten spots, 3 divisions), New England dogs took 17 of them! We're very proud....Thanks to Denielle for sending us that link! And wow, check out all the letters after her dogs' names below...that's impressive!

C-ATCH3 Ivy Top 10 Enthusiast 2008, TExSN, TExJU, TExFH, ChSN, ChJU, ChFH, ChWC, ChST, ChCL, ChJP, NAJ, NJP, PK2, PG1, PJ1, SSA, SS, NJC, NGC, HSCs, PT

Jury ChSN, ChJU, ChFH, CL4-H, CL4-S, CL4-F, CL3-R, PG1, PJ1, PT

Nico OA, OAJ - my best friend, waiting at the bridge

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  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Way to go, NE, and Congratulations Denielle and Ivy!

    -Marjorie and C-ATCH Lily, PK1, PJ1, CGC