Thursday, October 16, 2008

Search & Rescue/Detection Dogs Visit Gemini Dogs

Over the past three days, Gemini Dogs has been host to a seminar for active Search & Rescue Dogs and Detection Dogs. Members of area police forces and Search and Rescue (SAR) teams came together to work on furthering their dogs skills in scent detection during the three-day workshop.
Some of the attendees were from an organization named MARK9, whose Search Dog Teams provide services to Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire/Rescue Agencies free of charge and statewide upon request, to assist in locating lost persons due to a multitude of situations. MARK9 searches for victims of crimes or evidence of a crime, and can also search for victims of fires.

Other attendees brought dogs from some of the New Hampshire Police Departments who search for drugs or narcotics, bombs, or participate in criminal pursuits.
For further information about making a donation to assist MARK9 in its volunteer efforts, please call: 617.775.7968 or email

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