Wednesday, June 04, 2008

VESCONE teaches us some good stuff!

About 50 people and 10 dogs attended last night's Pet First Aid Workshop. The highly entertaining and informative talk was given by Dr. Amy Shroff of the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of New England (VESCONE) with help from Dr. Stacie Lipinski, Robyn Healer, and Alison Valenza.


Dr. Shroff stressed getting to know your dog's normal vitals now so that when he is sick, you will be able to tell the vet exactly what is wrong or different than normal. Doing this now can save you precious minutes later.

Ashley and her group got some hands-on practice with Tyler and Dash

Dr. Shroff discussed the different types of gum coloring ranging from healthy pink with black markings to potentially dangerous blue or white. She demonstrated how to find a dog's heart beat and pulse, how to apply a bandage, splint and tourniquet, how to transport an injured dog, and how to muzzle a dog using a necktie. She also covered emergency preparedness, as well as dog resuscitation and other topics.

Thank you all for coming and thank you especially to Cheryl Noroian for helping us coordinate this event with VESCONE. And we can't forget a very big Woof! to our main demo dog, Michiline, who happily obliged all of Dr. Shroff's requests!

Our main demo dog Michiline

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