Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A note from from Baxter and Tigger (formerly known as PR16A and PR16B)

GD owner, Michelle Borelli, recently adopted two puppies from a Maine shelter where she volunteered with several national Disaster Animal Response Teams. Her puppies wanted to write in and update us on their new home. Their letter also references another rescue pup named Deisel, who was adopted by daycare staffers Marie Babineau and Derek Tripp.

Wow! We just all wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of the people who helped to get us where we are today. We are 7 months old and are two little Shih-Poos of over 300 dogs that used to live in a puppy mill in Buxton, Maine.

We were recently adopted and we have settled right in to our new home with our siblings Tyler and Dancer. They love us, and Tyler especially enjoys playing with us. He is a Bolognese, which he told me is just a fancy name for a Bichon from Italy.

Dancer looks like Benji, but they don't really know what she is. It doesn't matter though, because she accepted us and even plays with us in the kitchen and living room. I guess she usually doesn't play much, being 10 years old, but she made an exception for us.

We have been having a great time figuring out what our reflections are when we pass by the dishwasher, and are learning to walk on a leash. We are very happy puppies! And I love watching that thing you guys call a television; it is so cool!

We have been attending doggie daycare every day and we have lots of new friends now! We even see our old pal Deisel from Buxton. He was one of six American Bulldog puppies that were rescued along with us.

So it's a great place to be here... we are finally at home! I have included some photos that mommy took while we were sleeping on our first night home.

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