Monday, July 16, 2007

Two New Classes - Frisbee Dog and Canine Freestyle Dancing!

Earlier this year we introduced you to a great new dog sport called Earthdog. We followed that up with Flyball, the fastest-growing dog sport around. Now, we continue to bring you the most fun and unique classes possible and give you Frisbee Dog and Freestyle Dancing!

  • Frisbee Dog - Join Gemini Dogs instructor and Blue Dog Group demo team member, Bridget Desroches (CPDT) for a 2-hr indoor workshop. You'll learn all about canine disc - the throws, commands, and skills involved, as well as learn about safety and proper equipment. You'll even learn how to throw the disc! (Sat. Aug 4, 2:30-4:30 PM) More info and video

  • Canine Freestyle is a relatively new sport that combines dog obedience and dance! The handler and dog perform dance-oriented footwork in time to the music, rather than displaying the traditional walking pace of obedience. Join Mary Ann Callahan in this 6-week class Fridays at 6:30PM starting in Sept. More info and video
We are also hosting a Freestyle workshop (people only) on Friday Sept. 7!

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