Thursday, May 31, 2007

New! Intro to Agility Workshop - June 9, 2-4PM!

Do you think that agility looks like fun? Do you want to try it but aren't sure what's involved? Then come to our Intro to Agility Workshop and have all your questions answered!

Find out exactly what's involved in agility. This 2-hour workshop introduces you and your dog to agility training, our beginner agility exercises, and gives you an overview of our entire agility program.

This is a working seminar, so bring a hungry dog, LOTS and LOTS of small, easy-to-swallow food treats, water, and a couple of your dog's favorite toys.

  • Cost: $35
  • Sat., June 9
  • 2-4 PM
Call 978-486-9922 or register here.We dare you to watch this and not get excited about agility! Dogs love it!

1 comment:

  1. Liisa Mickle6:22 PM

    I like the video its super cute and cool to ssee all the different kinds of dogs that can do agility! :)