Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that helped make our first CPE Agility Trial a success!

Special thanks to judges Valorie Duff and Jean McKenzie, as well as Denielle Stasa who directed each course setup. Thank you also to all the dedicated course setters, ring crew, gate stewards, scribes, assistant scribes, timers, leash and scorecard runners, vendors, photographers, results-counters, packup crew, and of course all exhibitors and their speedy dogs!

We had some great weather Saturday and some not-so great weather Sunday, but we managed to get through over 300 runs a day! Wow! We'll be posting the results online once we figure out how!

Raffle Winners

  • Canine massage: Laurel Flax
  • Treat jar with toy or bag of treats: Mimi Englander, Gail Colls, Dolly D'Orazio, Melinda and Peabody
  • Bone-shaped bowl with toy or bag of treats: Laurel Flax, Denise Corley, A. Getchell and Maddy
  • Fish-shaped bowl and salmon treats: Linus & Tricia
  • Two photos from Chris Otte Photography: Michelle Dubois
  • Two photos from Jo-Annn Gerde Photography: Denielle Stasa
Be sure to check out each photographer's website for photos of your dog in action in the upcoming weeks:
Thanks for coming and we hope to see you next time!

Here are a few blurry pictures that I took. If you squint really hard you can tell what's going on! :) PS. Click each photo to see a bigger version. More photos are here.

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