Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ivy, It's Time to Brag!

Gemini Dog Ivy (Kelanhaus's Concord NAJ, PT, CL3-R, NJC, SS, SSA, CL4-F, CL4-H, CL4-S, PJ1, CL4-R; owner Denielle D. Stasa) has had a busy 2006 so far! Check out what Ivy has accomplished:

  • CPE: Ivy finished her Level 4 Standard title earning legs at Agile Dogs Aug. '05, NEMAC May '06, and AgileDogs June '06. She earned her first Level 5 Standard legs at Bo-Gee June '06 and All Dogs July '06. Over the last year she has earned the following Level 5 legs towards her CATCH and Class Championships: 8 Colors legs, 6 Wildcard legs, 6 Jackpot legs, 8 Snooker legs, 7 Fullhouse legs, and 14 Jumpers legs.

  • USDAA: Ivy finished her P1 Jumpers title, earning her 2nd leg at All Dogs on 5/13/06 and her 3rd leg under Michelle DuBois at CATS on 6/10/06. She also earned 2 P1 Gamblers legs and 2 P2 Snooker legs.

  • AKC: Ivy finished her NJP title on July 8, 2006 at YGRC's trial under Jean MacKenzie and earned her first Open Preferred JWW under Monica Land with a 1st place on July 9, 2006.

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